Elastomer joint wedge

HOMEPAGE Elastomer joint wedge


Formül rubber elastomer (neoprene) joints consist of waterproof rubber and steel plates and are used to transfer the loads from the superstructure to the bridge piers accurately and properly. In our factory, these systems are formed by combining natural rubber (NR) or chloroprene (CR) plates (in some cases only rubber) and steel plates under high temperature and pressure. Strengthening plates made of steel are vulcanized with neoprene material and form a composite and load-resistant system. As a result of this production system, FORMÜL RUBBER bridge joints offer a long-lasting solution guaranteed against corrosion. Rubber surface is resistant to oil, grease, petroleum, sun rays, snow and salting chemicals. All fretted joints are designed and manufactured comply with the latest technology to properly transfer all kinds of loads (traffic load, earthquake load, wind load, etc.) on the superstructure of the building to the bridge piers.